Rotary Tube Pro image

An easier way to design and cut tubes

Rotary Tube Pro™ software offers a complete design and cut solution for tube and pipe parts in mechanized cutting applications including plasma, laser, waterjet, and oxyfuel.

No CAD experience required

Provides an easier way to design and cut tube and pipe parts with no 3D CAD experience required. A parametric design interface allows you to input the desired shapes. You'll be up and running faster, working more efficiently, and making fewer errors.

Easy set up

Tubes and branches are easily created using parametric input. Side-wall cut outs can be selected from a list of pre-defined shapes, or added from CAD. And, if necessary, users can import 3D CAD files. This flexibility allows fabricators and manufacturers to work more efficiently, boost productivity, and reduce operating costs.

Fewer secondary operations for plasma

  • Eliminate most secondary grinding for weld prep on stainless steel through improved cut quality.
  • Reduce manual bevel grinding by 50% with mechanized bevel head.
  • Reduce secondary drilling and punching by 20% with True Hole technology.